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Folsom Vet Hospital is proud that  our entire staff an extended family that will make the caring of your pet our top priority.  But don't take our word for it... Read what  our loyal customers are saying about us.
​What Our Extended Pet Family is saying:

Letters we have received:
Letters we have received:

“Dr. Van Tine has been my dogs’ veterinarian for several years. All of my dogs have had difficult and unique health problems. Dr. Van Tine has always been there for me and my best friends. The best part is that because of her my dogs are able to benefit from both Eastern and Western medicine. She’s compassionate, diligent is her care and always engaged in pursuing education to increase her knowledge in taking care of her patients to insure the best quality of life for them.

I also have to mention the staff – they are the best! Each one of them brings something special to the practice. They are welcoming, caring, and professional and always do their best to make sure the client and patient care satisfied with the care they receive.

Besides me, Beanie, Lucy and Tillie say thank you for your kindness and care and especially the treats!”
– Lin Velez

“Outstanding compassionate veterinary care provided by Dr. Van Tine and staff. I’ve had two golden retrievers and two cats treated at this practice. The holistic approach, including acupuncture, makes this vet hospital unique. It has undoubtedly prolongs the life of my 14 years old golden retriever. I highly recommend Dr. Van Tine and the veterinary staff.”
– Linda Dyer, (Riley, Mia, Simba, and Lilly)

“The staff at Folsom Veterinary Hospital is always very helpful, considerate, and concerned about me and my feline. FVH is always concerned about helping me in providing a comfortable and healthy life for my cats. I very much appreciate you guys, and will keep coming back. Thx much for all your help and best regards.”
– Kevin Aitken

“To All of You- We want you to know how special you are to us. If it weren’t for all the wonderful care, herbs, friendly staff and advanced treatment, “Marley” wouldn’t have lasted as long as she did.We can’t thank you enough for all of your thoughtfulness during a very difficult time. Our sweet girl would have been 14 on 2/18. She will be in our hearts forever.”
– Michelle and Hunter Schlegel

“The Doctors & Staff- Dick and I have always known you gave Jake the best possible professional veterinary care. We appreciate how you cared for him and treated him as if he was your special companion. He always loved coming to see everyone!Losing Jake has been difficult, but what wonderful memories I have of him rushing in your front door, jumping up to see who was behind the counter and staring at the door waiting for Chuck (or anyone in his absence) to come through it… knowing they would want to give him attention.We sincerely thank you for the copies of “The Rainbow Bridge” and “If I Should Grow Frail” poems. It reminds us that we always wanted to do what was best for Jake, not us.With gratitude for the memories and for helping us cope.”  
– Carolyn Bregard

“Dr. Tijsseling is a fantastic Veterinarian! She has taken great care of our dog Jack. Jack broke his nail very badly and Dr. Heidi paid great attention to the infected toenail and help heal it quickly. Dr. Heidi provided Jack with customized bandages and wraps that were adorable and fashionable. Every time we see Dr. Heidi she has a terrific attitude and a wealth of information. She is a 10+ out of 10!” 
– Skye Moore

"To the Doctors and Staff of Folsom Veterinary Hospital:
Thank you so much for the excellent care you gave our dog Molly during the 15 years of her life. Her good health and longevity was directly attributable to the compassion and professionalism of your entire organization. She brought our family many years of happy memories and will be greatly missed."

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